A Wide Range of 3D Printing Materials

Polyamide, Resin, ABS
High Detail Resin, Extreme Detail Resin

Stainless Steel,
High Detail Stainless Steel

Brass, Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold,
Platinum, Titanium, Rhodium


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Good Places to Find 3D Print Models

Makerbot Thingiverse
My Mini Factory
comming soon

more good places       

To get an inital overview, we are querying price estimates based on volume, surface area and bounding box of the model from all 3D printing services

Initial Overview


How We Get The Prices

To show the final prices we have to wait for precise calculations and printability check results of the printing services.  This can take up to a few minutes.

Final Prices

As soon as the final price of your selection is available you can place an order. In the meantime you can continue to compare options.

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